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Chronicle of Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library

We wandered up and down SW Alder Street in Portland Oregon, looking for the highly recommended yet elusive Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library. A nearby restaurant hostess pointed out her window to a tiny lit sign across the street, so we headed on over. Even with our target in view, we still managed to pass the incognito entry once again before we found our way through the door.

A dimly lit passageway led us back to a staircase embellished in wood and old prohibition news articles.  A colorful stained glass skylight atop the stair illuminated the path to a heavy wooden door with a Whisk(e)y Library Insignia.


When we stepped through and first saw the inside of the establishment, it was as if we had fallen into another dimension in time and space. Beautiful hardwood flooring, stile and rail wall paneling, antique tufted leather seating and old Persian rugs were the backdrop to impressive and expansive glass shelving that scaled up antiquated brick walls to the ceiling. These shelves harbored the broadest collection of whiskeys in the State of Oregon, as well as other spirits from across the globe, many of which were special ordered just for the Library. And, just like the libraries of the past, the servers had to scale large bronze rolling ladders to access their customer’s selected spirits.


A glance through the thick leather-bound menus revealed everything that the Library offered. From a $1200 Pinot Noir to $15 glasses of scotch, the novice could spend a month of their life in that exquisite space simply sampling spirits and emerge an expert. We ordered two scotches, one that was full of peat and exotic fruit, the other smoky with tones of leather; both were exceptional.


We discussed with one of the managers our Glaser Distillery products, especially our Limoncello and Coffee Liqueur.  He was excited about the prospect of carrying internationally award-winning local spirits in the establishment. We would be honored to have them added to the expansive collection in the Whisk(e)y Library and have no doubts their highly-trained (and dapper) staff can deftly locate them among the towering quantities of spirits upon request...

Jessica Glaser - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

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